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Year 2 - Ash & Elm Classes

Year 2

Class Information

Elm Class Teachers- Mrs S Steele and Mrs H Beaton 

Ash Class Teacher-Mrs B Wright

LSA- Elm- Mrs K Purchase

LSA-Ash-Mrs E Garland                 


Book Bags:

Children need to have their book bags with them every day, which includes their reading book and reading record book too.

On a Monday, children will change their reading books with the class teacher.  Comments in their reading record books will be checked during this time.  If your child needs to change their reading book before Monday, please feel free to visit our school library at the end of the school day to do this. It is important that you keep your child on the same book band/ level set by their teacher.

On a Friday, children are allowed to bring in free reading from home if they so wish. This can be anything from a book, comic, newspaper or poetry. Children will be allowed to read this during registration time. If your child does choose to bring in something to read, please ensure the item is labelled with their name.

 Water bottles/Snack:

All children need a class water bottle that is separate from their lunch box, so that they can drink water when they need it.

They also need a healthy snack for morning play. Please ensure that these are named.

PE kit:

All children need a PE kit in school all the time for both indoor and outdoor PE. 

Indoor kit: Shorts, t-shirt and daps.

Outdoor kit: Tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, warm top and daps.

Daps are preferable, especially if children can’t do up laces! All items need to be clearly named.

Home learning:


We can’t stress enough the importance of children reading regularly at home, as this will have a great impact on their literacy skills. We recommend listening to your children read 3 times a week as a minimum. Equally, children need to listen to books being read, as this models expression and fluency.  A range of text types, such as information books, recipe books, instructions, newspapers would be fantastic too!  


Each week, your child will be taught a new spelling pattern / rule in class.  Please support your child by helping them to understand the spelling pattern / rule in preparation for their spelling test on Friday.  The test will consist of a list of words that follows the same pattern / rule.  (See attachment below.)

Term 1 spellings

Term 2 spellings

Term 3 spellings


Ideas to help your child learn their spellings



Similar to the spellings, your child will learn different Math's topics over the course of the year.  For each topic, please see below for activities / worksheets that you can print off at home, to help support your child's Numeracy learning in school.  When completed, please send them into school for your child's class teachers to see.

Place Value - Term 1

Addition and Subtraction - Term 1

Addition and Subtraction word problems - Term 1

Multiplication and Division - Term 2

Multiplication and Division word problems - Term 2

3D Shape - Term 3

3D Shape properties - Term 3

2D Shape - Term 3

Symmetry - Term 3

Symmetry - Term 3

We understand that some children find maths difficult and would find it more beneficial to recap basic maths skills to embed key concepts. If this is the case for your child, please choose some maths activities from the list below.

Alternative maths activities

Resource used in school for place value, addition and subtraction is the Calculation Mat.  Please print of and use as needed.  To represent tens and ones, the children could use 10p and 1p coins.

If you are finding that your child needs extra support in calculation methods, please look at the calculation guide to see how we teach these skills in school.

Calculation guide - the methods we use in Year 2


 Coming into school/Communication:

We encourage children in Year 2 to leave parents in the playground and come into school independently.

This helps your child to become more responsible for their own belongings and enables us as teachers, to settle them into the school day. It also allows for safe movement in the corridor at what is a busy time!

We are always more than happy to see you after school should you have any concerns or questions. If you are unable to speak to us in person, you can always phone the school office or write a note to send in with your child. 

Elm Class


Ash Class


Parent Helpers:

If you are available to help in class during the academic year, please let us know.

We are always more than grateful for help with reading, school trips or other curricular activities. Also, if you have any ‘special talents’ that you would like to share with our class please let us know. All classroom helpers will need to have an up to date DBS check which can be carried out via the office.

Learning Focus

These are the topics we will be covering over the academic year. We hope your children find them as fun as we do!

Term 1 – Why was the Fire of London Great?

Term 2 – Did you know?

Terms 3 and 4 – Why explore?

Terms 5 and 6 - Are all seaside the same?


Year Group Newsletters

All KS1 newsletters will be emailed home at the end of each term.

Significant Dates specific to Year 2:

Here are a few dates for the diary that we thought you might find useful.

  • 25th October INSET day
  • 12th November - Parents evening
  • 13th November - Parents evening
  • 14th February INSET day
  • 22nd May INSET day
  • 20th July INSET day
  • SATs – No holidays in Term 5