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Year 1 

Cedar & Willow Class

Year 1

Class information

Welcome to Cedar Class.
Miss Saunders is the teacher for Cedar Class and Mrs Ingle is the Teaching Assisstant.

Welocme to Willow Class.
Mrs Keate and Mrs Smallwood are the class tecahers for Willow class and Mrs Symes is the Teaching Assisstant.

The School Day

At the start of the school day we encourage all children in Year 1 to come into class by themselves. We want to support your child in becoming more independent whilst reducing overcrowding for the children in the cloakroom and corridors. 

Learning Focus for the Term

Term 1 and 2 our topic is:
"Let's Get Moving" (Around the UK)

Term 3 and 4 our topic is:
"Let's Explore" (Bristol Focus)

Term 5 and 6 our topic is:
"Are All Seasides the Same?"

 Year Group Newsletters

Each term we enjoy sending out to our parents and carers a round up of what their children can expect to be learning for the term ahead as well as any important messages and reminders.


All Year 1 teachers are always available to talk to about any issue or concern that you may have throughout the year. You are always welcome to come and speak to us at the end of the school day or alternatively we can be contacted via our school emails on:

Book Bags

Children need to have their book bags with them every day, which includes their reading book and reading record book too.

On a Monday, children will change their reading books with the class teacher.  Comments in their reading record books will be checked during this time.  If your child needs to change their reading book before Monday, please feel free to visit our school library at the end of the school day to do this. It is important that you keep your child on the same book band/ level set by their teacher.

On a Friday, children are allowed to bring in free reading from home if they so wish. This can be anything from a book, comic, newspaper or poetry. Children will be allowed to read this during registration time. If your child does choose to bring in something to read, please ensure the item is labelled with their name.

Parent Helpers

We are always grateful for parent helpers in Year 1.

If you can spare some time to hear children read or help with some class cooking, when needed, please don’t hesitate to let us know. All classroom helpers will need to have a DBS check which can be carried out via the office. 


We can't stress enough the importance of children reading at least 3 times a week with an adult at home, as this will have a great impact on their literacy skills. 

Your child's reading book will be changed on a Monday. 

Useful links:

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Phase 5 Sound Mat

Year 1 recommended reads page 1

Year 1 recommended reads page 2


Common Exception Words:

This is a list of words that children are expected to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 1.  A Common Exception Word is a word which does not follow the common phonetic spelling rules of the language, or where the usual rules act in an unusual way.  

 Common Exception Word Mat

Spelling Homework:

Each Friday we will have a whole class spelling test where we will check your child's current ability to spell the words set for that week.  See the links below for the words for each week.  These spellings come from the Year 1 word list that chidlren are expected to read and spell by the end of Year 1.

Although these words are taught in class it makes a difference if you help your child to learn these spellings at home in preparation for the test at the end of the week.  

Term 4 - you will notice that each week is a different spelling rule (split digraphs and the ed ending) and alongside that there are 2 common exception words which are in bold.

Term 2 Spelling Homework

 Term 3 Spelling Homework

Term 4 Spelling Homework



Once a term we will upload on to our class website page a selection of maths activities that will help parents and carers reinforce the learning we are covering in class that term.  

Term 1 Maths Homework

There is an error on page 30 of Term 1's pack. Please use the link below for the correct version.

Elmer subtraction page

Term 2 Maths Homework

Term 3 Maths Homework

Term 4 Maths Homework


 Your child needs to have their PE kit in school at all times. They need an Indoor kit (shorts and t-shirts) and an outdoor kit (Tracksuit bottoms and a warm top). Daps are preferable, especially if children can't do up laces. All items need to be clearly named. 

We have had a great time in our PE lessons with Matt Carpenter from Future Stars.  Term 3's PE lessons will return to the usual days.

Cedar - Indoor PE - Tuesday
           Outdoor PE - Wednesday

Willow - Indoor PE - Friday
             Outdoor PE - Wednesday