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Foundation Stage - Bluebell & Buttercup Classes

Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage

Planting the seeds of success

Welcome to Bluebell and Buttercup Classes


Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Norman will have the pleasure of teaching your child this year in their first year at our school. smiley

We have enjoyed getting to know the children in our classes and we are very much looking forward to a year full of fun, exciting learning adventures and 'WOW' moments, as your child grows as a successful learner.

Thank you for your support. Please remember that we are always here if you need to speak to us (after school is always best apart from on Wednesdays as this is teacher meeting day).

Class Information 

Coming into School:

With the amount of Foundation Stage children arriving at once in the unit, there is a definite lack of space in the cloakroom which causes a concern for the safety of the children. We discuss with the children the importance of being independent and taking responsibility for their own belongings. To develop your child’s independence and to help reduce overcrowding for the children in the cloakroom, please encourage your child to come into the classroom and cloakroom on their own (or even from the playground as many children are already enjoying this next step!!). Many of the children are keen to be independent in this way, but can find adults congregating in the cloakroom daunting and it can make this experience rather challenging for them. We do not want this to be a stressful time, so if your child is feeling uncertain and distressed by this then please make it gradual and come into the meadow with them to support the quick transition into the classroom. There is always an adult in the classroom, an adult in the cloakroom and an adult in the meadow to help the children to organise themselves and their belongings.

Lunch at School:

The children get very excited about staying for lunch in school. Don’t forget that hot dinners are free for your child for the first three years of their school lives. Hot dinner menus are on line with the Aspens' Select App. You will need to register on the App with the information in your starter pack.  You will also be required to order their lunches, with them, via the App. We know that it is always a concern as a parent to know how much your child is eating, but we do have an experienced lunchtime supervisor Mrs. Connett who works specifically with the Foundation Stage children, amongst a team of additional supervisors, to encourage them to eat as much as they can. We are given feedback about any concerns in changes to children’s eating habits and we would then pass this information on to you. Please assume no news is good news! You can of course provide a packed lunch if you prefer. 

Uniform and PE/KIT:

Please ensure that all uniform and PE kits are named. As you can imagine, if items are not named this will make getting the children undressed and dressed for PE a big challenge! Please can you check that everything is named and checked regularly after washing. If something goes missing and it is named then we stand a chance of getting back to you. 

During the colder months please provide tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt in your child's PE kit, but remember your child still needs to have a pair of shorts in their PE kit all year round for indoor gym sessions. We will send home PE kits at the end of every term to be washed and need them to be returned at the beginning of a new term. However, if you feel that you would like to wash your child’s PE kit more regularly then please do feel free to come and collect it at the end of a day.


We like to make the most of the outdoors environment surrounding our school. We are so lucky to have access to the woods on our doorstep and love to take the children on ‘Welly walk’ adventures whenever possible. Therefore we ask for a pair of NAMED wellies to be kept in school so we can just welly up and go! 

We have PE sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Water bottles:

Please can you ensure that your child has a clearly named water bottle in school every day. As part of our Healthy Schools policy, we would like to request that this contains water and not squash/ juice. These are kept in boxes in the cloakroom.


Your child can bring a morning named fresh fruit/ dried fruit/ vegetable snack every day. This is placed into the green snack tub in the cloakroom. This does not need to be in a separate container as this will only mean an extra item to collect and carry at the end of the day for your child.

Foundation Stage playground:

We explain our safety rules to the children for our Foundation Stage playground and would like to remind you that we would like the children to stick to these rules before and after school times. The children are not allowed to climb on anything in the playground or use any of the equipment out of school times. We would like to ask for your support in helping your child to remember these rules please. 

If your child rides a bike or scooter to school please could we ask you to place these in the secure bike and scooter store (found at the top of the playing field). No bikes or scooters can be stored in our Foundation Stage playground and they are not to be ridden on school premises for safety reasons.


Please click on the link below to find our golden rules and behaviour system:

Behaviour information

Home Learning

Phonics Packs

We use Jolly Phonics to teach the individual letters (phoneme and grapheme correspondence) with a story, song, action, pronunciation and how to write the letter, what type of letter it is (to help children to remember the starting point and shape of the letter & sitting on the line – ascender/ descender).

When we introduce phonics we will have a new focus phoneme (sound) every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There will be a PHONICS PACK available containing all the individual phonemes (letter sounds). Please encourage your child to practise the correct pronunciation (no ‘_uh’ at the end of the sound!!), action for that sound and the letter formation if they would like to. Please make this as fun as possible and an opportunity for your child to share their learning at school! We don’t want this to be a stressful experience for your child (or you), particularly if your child is feeling tired or not wanting to do it. There is no pressure just do as much or as little as your child is ready to do. Please refer to the 'Jolly Phonics information for parents' and 'Supporting your child with reading' guidance (links below) to give you a good insight into what we will be doing with your children and ideas for at home.

Supporting your child with reading at home.pdf

Jolly Phonics info for parents.pdf

Sight words

We will send home sight words (common exception words) sheets to practise reading and writing. These will be in 3 sets. Please send the sheet into school when you feel your child is able to read and write from memory these words. We will then check them in school and send you the next sheet to practise.

Reading practise

After we have introduced the first set of phonemes we will start sending books home. There are books with simple blending practise, in order to build confidence in blending and the skills required to tackle reading. The books we will be sending home with your child will include phonetic words which your child will be able to blend or practise blending, sight (common exception) words and sometimes some words that your child will not be able to blend or recognise as the sight words we have been practising. Any words which your child does not recognise or cannot blend you can ‘fill in’. This means saying the word for them.

We would like to encourage your child not to use picture clues to help them to read. Your child will be securing their phonic knowledge in order to use their blending skills to decode (read) words. As the children have developed their confidence to blend, using the pictures often means that children guess/ make up words and stops them from using their blending skills. If the book your child brings home has got pictures that would give them clues, then please cover the picture so that your child is using their blending skills to read the text not the picture. When they have decoded the word you could then reveal the picture for them to enjoy.

We will endeavour to change all children’s books on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Please make sure that reading records, reading books and share together books are in school everyday.

Topic challenges

As part of learning about our topic we may from time to time send home a challenge for the children. We will aim to give you as much notice as possible for these home learning challenges.

'Proud clouds'

Your child is always learning and we would love you to capture these learning moments which you see at home on a 'Proud Cloud' certificate. This can be from something physical such as a swimming achievement, using technology to control something, noticing numbers on road signs, observing words/ letter/ signs in a supermarket, showing empathy towards somebody, noticing differences in people, improved concentration playing a game, creating a natural collage in the garden, using their imagination to create a story, talking about changes in nature etc. There is so much that we miss when your child is learning with you. When you see your child being successful within their learning, we would love you to capture the moment with a photograph and e-mail it to the class e-mail (found in the Communication section on our class page) with the context of what is happening and /or a quote of what your child is explaining to you about their learning. This is vital evidence which will be used in your child's learning diary to build up a bigger picture of them as a learner.

Please click on the proud cloud link for more copies: Proud cloud doc.


Please use our school class e-mails to send us 'Proud Cloud' learning moments at home or whilst you are out and about (please see links above for more copies). It would be great to capture the learning on your phones/ tablets/ cameras and email this with a brief description and/ or quote from your child. This is vital learning evidence to go in your child's learning diary. 

These e-mail accounts should not be used for day to day communication as they are not monitored on a daily basis. If there is something you need us to know, you could write a note and ask your child to hand it to us as soon as they get into the classroom. Please do come and speak to us in person or phone school to tell us information we need to know. It is always easier to speak us at the end of the day when the children aren’t waiting for us on the carpet. However, if you do need to talk to us urgently or confidentially then we can always make ourselves available.

Please look out for messages in our message window (visible from the Foundation Stage playground) from us.

Termly Newsletters

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Dates for the Diary

Please see latest FS newsletter for dates for the diary and look out in school newsletters.

Inset Days

This year’s planned inset days are as follows:

  • Monday 2nd September 2019
  • Friday 25th October 2019
  • Friday 7th February 2020
  • Friday 14th February 2020
  • Friday 22nd May 2020
  • Monday 20th July 2020